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Wheel Co


For over 55 years, Wheelco has been an industry leader in truck and trailer parts distribution. As a family owned business, we operate through six distribution centers in the six-state area of South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. There’s many reasons to partner with us. Our Midwest locations boast extensive truck part inventories, premier service centers, expert advice, international shipping, and free parts delivery on numerous designated routes. We carry nationally-recognized brands and tailor-build products you can depend on. However, it is our dedication to you, our valued customer, that drives everything we do. You are the reason we hire the most knowledgeable staff in the trucking industry. You are the reason we stock such an extensive, reliable inventory. Your success is our bottom line. Because of your conviction, we are proud to be customer driven since 1961.

Scholarships Contributed To

  • Wheelco Truck and Trailer Scholarship (1505)